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Thursday, 20 July 2017

15 signs that would prove if you're ready for love or not

15 signs that would prove if you're ready for love or not
15 signs that would prove if you're ready for love or not

Everyday men and women enter into relationships and marriages HOPING for the best only to be astonished when they realize that the person responsible for ruining their marriage or sabotaging their relationship was the man or woman in the mirror. They were unprepared for love… but they had no idea. Are you ready for love? Find out by taking this critically appraised self-examination.
Examine Yourself…
When it comes to love, sex, relationships and marriage, most men and women take the position, “Ready or not, here I come!”. They will dive into a relationship or marriage with little or absolutely no preparation. At best they are drawing straws. At worst they are rolling the dice. The statistics prove that the majority of men and women who gamble at love will eventually lose. Don’t wager with your love life.
In II Corinthians 13:5, we are commanded to examine ourselves. This self-examination is crucial if you intend on finding and experiencing True Love. This examination entails 15 key tests to help you and a potential mate determine if you are actually ready for love. The test starts now!
“I love you!” “I love you too!” Most people who express those heartfelt words have no idea what True Love is neither the responsibility that goes along with it. I regularly meet men and women who claim they have been in love three or more times in their life. They met someone, fell in love, broke up with them and repeated that sequence of events with numerous lovers. One woman told me she had been in love with eight different men. She married and divorced four of them. Truthfully, True Love never ends. If what they had were True Love, it wouldn’t have ended. They’d still be together, (See I Corinthians 13). How does one define True Love and who sets the standard? God defines what True Love is and He alone sets the standard for love. It is only through His Word can we learn what True Love is. If you obtained your definition or interpretation about love from any source, you have been misled, (See I Thessalonians 4:9).
You are not ready to be in a relationship until you are able to forgive those who have offended or hurt you. If you are the type of person who can hold a grudge or harbor resentment or hard feelings, pull yourself off the market! You are a danger to yourself and to your potential mate, (See Mark 11:24-26 and Matthew 18:21-22).
I frequently meet men and women who were sexually active in times past, dreadfully, many of them contracted sexually transmitted diseases. But because they were classified by medical science as being asymptomatic, (which means they had no symptoms) they had no idea of their alarming dilemma. I could share countless heart-gripping horror stories of husbands and wives who ended up infecting their spouses with…
• (HPV) Human Papilloma Virus
• Gonorrhea
• Hepatitis B
• Herpes Simplex Virus
• Chlamydia
• Syphilis
• Trichomoniasis
If you were sexually active in the past and have not taken a battery of tests for sexually transmitted diseases, pull yourself off the market. Even if you have no symptoms to speak and even if you practiced safe sex, GET TESTED! If you fail or refuse to do so, you are guilty of jeopardizing the physical safety of another human being. God forbid, but what if you did contract the HIV/AIDS virus, Chlamydia or HPV but are symptomatic?
We are literally inundated with books, DVDs, CDs, therapists and marriage counselors attempting to help troubled couples learn how to talk to each other. An art they should have learned prior to saying, “I do!” Here’s what they didn’t learn before exchanging wedding vows, but you must:
• Proper listening skills
• How to respect another person’s opinion or point of view
• Talking and communicating non argumentatively
• Admitting when you are wrong
• Saying, “I’m sorry,” when the moment requires
• How to disagree honorably
• How to speak the truth in love
• When to remain silent
• How to diffuse tense moments
This should be a no-brainer! However, many men and women enter into relationships and marriages with no concept that male and females are different species. They either fail or refuse to honor our (male – female) uniqueness. If you only see things from a man’s perspective or from a woman’s point of view, you are not at all ready for love. And you won’t be ready until the day comes when you can respect the differences of the opposite sex without grumbling, bickering or backbiting.
I once had a woman fire a verbal barrage of indignant words at me after I advised her to pull herself off the market. She had been molested as a child and blamed the entire male gender for her traumatic experience. In spite of her openly detestable view of all men, she insisted on seeking a husband. Being that she is an attractive woman, she will no doubt find a man who doesn’t comprehend the magnitude of her bitterness. The divorce courts have a constant stream of couples who split for no other reason than one of them held on to deep-rooted animosity against the opposite sex. If you are harboring ill feelings toward the opposite sex, you must resolve your issue(s) before dating, courting or entering into a marriage covenant. By not doing so, you make yourself become the prime ingredient in a recipe for marital failure. Like mishandled sulphuric acid, your ill feelings will eventually spill over and burn your spouse, (See Hebrews 12:15).
If you are prone to temper tantrums, explosive bursts of anger or harmful emotional outbursts, please pull yourself off the market! Make no mistake about it; you are not ready for love! Your disposition will surely be your courting or marital demise, (See Proverbs 22:24-25 and Proverbs 29:22).
A soul tie is when you have feelings for an ex boyfriend, girlfriend, spouse, fantasy lover or past sex partner. If you long for a person, secretly wish you were with them, fantasize or daydream about them, or think about them sexually, pull yourself off the market! You are not ready to be in love with another person until you sever that soul tie, (See II Corinthians 10:5).
Issue such as…
• Unforgiveness
• Drug/Alcohol Addictions
• Secret Sins
• Child Support
• Criminal Issues
• Pornography Addictions
• Paternity Fraud
• Psychological Issues
• Baby’s Momma Drama
• Divorce issues
• Jealousy Issues
• Current Relationship Issues
• Control issues
• Abuse Issues
• Manipulation Issues
If so, pull yourself off the market until you get them resolved. Unresolved issues almost always come back to haunt you. (Read Col. 3:5)
More spouses have ended up in the divorce court because they held on to unrealistic expectations before they married. For example, he expected they were going to have sex everyday, two and three times a day. Or, she expected that her husband was going to worship the ground she walked on and treat her like she was the Queen of Sheba and Prince and Princess of Monaco.
When things don’t turn out as they dreamed or fantasized, these people become disappointed and eventually abandon, defraud or divorce their spouses. The way to insure that you don’t have unrealistic expectations is to talk to happily married couples. Ones who have been married for ten years or more. Find out from them the ebb and flow and various nuances of the married life. No offense, but you cannot obtain this vital information from single people, disgruntled couples or from bitter divorces.
Every marriage will face challenges, but the ones that stand the test of time are the ones in which both spouses are rooted and grounded in the Word of God and prayer, (See Luke 6:47-49). If your spiritual foundation is unstable, put the brakes on love and get your footing firmly established.
If not, you must pull yourself off the market immediately! There are too many snares for you to take a chance and hope that things work out for the best, (See II Timothy 2:26). Pervasive snares such domestic violence, sexually transmitted diseases, paternity fraud, dating abuse, marital fraud, stalking and spousal murder. Don’t take the path traveled by most men and women, which is to stick their heads in the sand and act is if these things don’t exist. Or the other worn out path, which is the false belief that if you attend church you are immune to these things.
One of the prime reasons divorce and domestic violence is so prevalent in the church is because most Christians have received improper or no training at all in these critical areas. They knew nothing about the snares, booby traps and pitfalls until it was too late! Can you recognize when a potential mate is wearing a mask? Can you identify the various sex traps? Are you able to discern when someone is attempting to lure you into an abusive relationship?
Are you able to identify paternity fraud predators or females shopping for disposable dads? If you cannot, you are not properly trained to reign in the area of love, sex, relationships or marriage.
In a society rift with divorce and children born to single mothers, many men and women have a distorted view of the marriage covenant. Before you proceed with love, getting an understanding of the marriage covenant is a must for both you and any potential spouse. The best place to acquire this vital information is in pre-marital training.
This is a critical step to having a successful and vibrant a marriage. People who skip or reject this training process are not serious about having a love that lasts. At minimum, here are the areas that must be covered:
• Understanding what True love is
• Understanding and honoring the marriage covenant
• Communications 101
• Conflict resolutions 101
• Understand a man’s needs
• Understanding a woman’s needs
• The dangers of being unequally yoked
• The duties of the husband
• The duties of the wife
• Recognizing love, sex and relationship booby traps
• Recognizing pre-marital pitfalls.
A person who is not willing to engage in pre-marital counseling with a potential spouse is literally a walking time bomb. Their unwillingness or refusal clearly reveals that they have rejected the Written Word of God, (See Proverbs 1:20-33 and Proverbs 15:12,22). That makes them a dangerous person. Never proceed with marriage plans with a person who is unwilling to participate in pre-marital counseling. Never! Whew, you can take a much needed breather! The self-examination is finally over, how did you fare? Are you ready for love? Or, do you need to make some adjustments first before proceeding forward?
Thanks so much for taking time to read through this write up.
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Wednesday, 19 July 2017

9 truth every lady must admit

9 truth every lady must admit to
9 truth every lady must admit

1. Sex doesn't keep a man, if you like, turn
360% on bed, he will still dump you. Bleach
until you become white, if he doesn't notice
the qualities of a wife in you, he will leave
2. A man who win your love with cash may
not stay forever. Real men doesn't settle
down with fake women who love money.
3. The beauty of a woman can take her to a
Palace but her character will determine how
long she stays in the palace. Beauty attracts
men but character keep them.
4. Material things definitely has its merits
but it cannot alone provide the riches of a
truly meaningful life.
5. Being sexy without a character will not
get you a husband, you will only get a
6. Sex can bring pleasure but it can never
bring love, sex is a product of love, love is
not a product of sex.
7. Sex can make a man stay with you
overnight but love will make him stay for a
8. There are some things that money just
can't buy like manners, moral and integrity.
9. How you dress will definitely determine
how men will address you.

Please feel free to add your own on the comment box below!
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Saturday, 15 July 2017

When a woman is truly in love with a man, this happens

When a woman is truly in love with a man, this happens
When a woman is truly in love with a man, this happens
1»When a woman love you, she will do anything possible to be with you.
2»When a woman loves you, she will sacrifice her happiness to make you smile
3»When a woman love you, she will not delay accepting you as a lover, when she have accepted you, she will show you care and give you attention needed in relationship or
4»When a woman loves you bro, she will do things that make your friends and you thinks she is
throwing herself on you.Bro! She truly love you so much, don't take her love for granted.
5»When a woman love a man, she will call the guy on phone more than the guy calls her everyday.
6»When a woman truly love a man, she will visit you all the time, calls you, helps you,care and give you attention more than she gives herself and family.
7»When a woman loves a man, she will do what she vows not to do in this life. She will do it for you and for love
8»When a woman truly love a man, she will turn down other men who approaches her
9»When a woman truly love you, she gonna be romantic, care for you, respect you, encourage and supporting your dreams in this life, she will do anything possible to assist you achieve it.
10» When a woman truly loves you, she will surely want the best for you, she will not cheat on you or hurt you, she will let everybody know that she loves you, she will be
proud of you bro,she want nothing but marriage.
YES OR NO. Please be honest cos I need one. Hahahaha
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Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Must Read : Ladies, Please grow up

Ladies, Please grow up
Ladies, Please grow up

He won’t use condoms, You use pills.
why? Because he wants it natural?
(think of ovarian cancer and infertility).
He gets you pregnant, You have aborted like 5 times.. why? Because he is not
ready! GROW UP!
He is tired of natural place for copulation,
He moves to your ass Saying 'its tighter'
Then u begin to leak n smell..
why? Because u want to please and not
loose him.. GROW UP!
You have been wearing his engagement
ring for close to 4yrs,
He is not wearing any.. why?
Because he has promised you marriage.
MY SISTER; He wants a Blow job Yet he won’t give you head.. why? Cos he feels u are not so clean “there”. GROW UP MY SISTER!
You dress half naked thinking you look sexy and Hot, He isn’t complaining But he has more cloths on. Don’t be surprised when he takes a more decent girl home.
A guy dumps you, you wanna pay him back and all you could do is to sleep with his friend? and you think this is pay back? hahaha!
You think getting pregnant for him will make him marry you? GROW UP GIRL!
You become a single mama with No Job,
No means of feeding your Baby and
yourself so, You leave junior with Grandma and you go back to the Hustling field, then you begin to say, "MEN Are Wicked!"
Whose fault?
Please ladies, be wise!
You know you deserve better than this.
Don't always be at the loosing end!!!
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and i will post more.
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Thursday, 6 July 2017

Begging for affection is one mistake you must never make

Begging for affection is one mistake you must never make
                       Begging for affection is one mistake you must never make
The greatest mistake one can make is to beg for love. Love is our inalienable right and can't be taken nor stolen. Love comes to us naturally without begging, so relax, there's no need to rush.
The only reason why you don't feel loved is because you are not yet ready, or because you haven't found the right person yet.
Everybody has someone destined for him/her, rushing or begging for someone's love only drives you into the arms of a wrong person.
Patience is the key, the key to joy, success and happiness. Learn to wait for love and not beg for love.
If anyone expects you to beg for their love, walkout cause they're not worth it.
True love come at a right time and it doesn't come alone, it comes with Joy, Fulfillment, Happiness, Peace and blessing.
Please be patient. Never you give up on love nor beg for love

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Monday, 3 July 2017

After heartbreak, what next ?

After heartbreak, what next ?
After heartbreak, what next ?

After heartbreak, what next ?

Love can meet rejection. Love can meet humiliation. Love can meet frustration. Love can be unreciprocated. But when our rejection, humiliation, and frustration, finally turns to shame, we feel so stupid, and often resort to depression.
Shame is a monster. It does not think. And when it finally thinks, it thinks UPSIDE DOWN.
Any heartbreak that induced shame unchallenged and unrestrained often leads to depression.
After heartbreak, what next? It ranges from anger, to frustration, to loneliness and may get to shame and depression. But can I show you hope after a heartbreak ?
Let me give you a practical example from a book I read, EYE OF NOWHERE
"Your younger sister is getting married, and you can't even keep a steady relationship. Wasn't it the same things I taught you that I also taught her? So why can't you get a good husband?"
Mum's nagging was beginning to grow on me. My recent breakup was now the new song in the house and I was the subject of every prayer point. I struggled with shame, even though it was no fault of mine. Mine is a culture that forces a woman to look for a husband, only to be termed cheap and desperate.
But I held on to hope. My mentor, Tekena Ikoko, had taught me that at night seasons, our values will be tested but in the morning seasons, they will attract their kind. Two years later, morning came. As I danced up the altar to take my marital vows, I took a quick look at the excited faces of the guests. Indeed, success has many friends and failure is an orphan.
Whenever shame is replaced with hope, hearts are healed.
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Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Gaslighting : 8 signs your partner is trying to drive you crazy

gaslighting : 8 signs your partner is trying to drive you crazy
Photo Credit : iStock

Does your partner sometimes make you question if what you’re feeling and thinking is real? They might be gaslighting you.

So what exactly is gaslighting?

According to Healthy Place, it’s a common technique emotional abusers use to manipulate their victims into believing that their own memories, thoughts and feelings are a lie.

The idea is to make you doubt everything you’ve believed about yourself and your life. Sometimes it can be aggressive and invasive, but sometimes it can be so subtle that you don’t even notice it.

The term gaslighting comes from a 1944 film called Gaslight where a husband slowly manipulates his wife into thinking she is going insane.

It can happen to anyone. No one is immune to abuse, especially at the hands of someone you love dearly. It starts slowly with a few comments every now and then until they’ve worn you down so much that it becomes your way of life.

What are the signs of gaslighting?

Withholding information or emotions

If you’ve heard the words “I’m not listening to that nonsense again” or they accuse you of trying to confuse them by what you’re saying, this is called withholding. It’s the deliberate feigning of a lack of understanding, refusing to listen to your concerns and declining to share their emotions with you.

They tell you blatant lies

They tell you something you know is a big lie, but they say it with a straight face. This is done in order to make you question yourself and what they’re saying to you. It’s a tactic that is deliberately meant to make you unsure of yourself.

Denying that they said something

Even if you have proof that it happened that way or that they said it, the abuser denies it and will tell you that you’re recollection of events is incorrect.  This not only makes you question your own memory and perceptions of events, but it’s a derailing tactic designed to make you forget about the actual issue being discussed.

They change the conversation to suit them

This is very similar to the previous point, but here they guide the conversation in a way that deflects attention from the issue. You’ll be talking about something and your partner will deliberately change the conversation so that they can question your thoughts and control what is being said.

“Where did you get that idea from?”, “stop moaning”, “you’re just saying that to hurt me” are all the kinds of things that will be said in order to avoid the fact that your partner is actually being emotionally abusive.

They use the things that are important to you to knock you down

Whether it’s your job, your family or your ambitions, they attack what’s important to you because they know it’ll hurt the most. They’ll insult your work, or use an old argument you had with your family as ammunition against you in an argument you’re having with them. They focus on all your negative traits and tell you why they make you less worthy.

They make you doubt yourself all the time

You find yourself questioning the way you remember things, how you do things and why. You wonder if your decisions are valid and if you’re making the best choices especially when it concerns your partner. You begin to think that you need to put their needs above your own because otherwise you’re being selfish even if the decision you need to make could lead to a positive outcome for you and those nearest to you.

You start to think maybe you’re oversensitive even if you’re being completely reasonable. Or you’ll tell yourself you’re just being jealous for no reason even if there’s obvious reason to be.

You find yourself apologising for everything

Even when it’s not remotely your fault, you say you’re sorry. You constantly feel the need to apologise even when you’ve done nothing wrong. Your confidence has been broken down to the point where, even if you have an argument with your partner where they started it, you find yourself saying sorry because you feel like you started it.

They project their issues onto you

They cheat and they lie, or could have something as serious as a drug or mental health problem but they’re constantly accusing you of being guilty of the very things that they are doing. They tell you you’re crazy, or that you’re lying about something to distract you from what they’re actually doing.

This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to information and signs of gaslighting. If you think you or someone you know could be in this situation, then getting ample information is crucial.

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Monday, 26 June 2017

Make your relationship work

Wanting to be in a relationship could be exciting but the actual work is in having to remain faithful in it.
Wanting to be in a relationship could be exciting but the actual work is in having to remain faithful in it.

She didn't force herself on you in the first place, why then do you have to punish her with your scarcity? Why do you avoid her now that another person is becoming appealing to you? What do you gain from the tears of an innocent lady who trusted you with her heart? You are now acting "over-busy".
"Come back and continue what you started o", Someone should call that guy for me.
You thought growing "bear-bear" was the same thing as competence. When you were busy promising her heaven and earth, you didn't remember that you'll be expected to prove it. Now that she has finally decided to shut the gates and love only you, you have started acting drama.
Wanting to be in a relationship could be exciting but the actual work is in having to remain faithful in it. This doesn't just happen; it must be intentionally planned and I am telling you, it is achievable.
The love experience can be renewed and made sweeter every moment. Celebrate your relationship and it will appreciate. Choose to complain everyday and you'll water it down. Don't promise her marriage yet moving your eyes around the whole town seeking whom to devour. You can't even love one person well and you are digging your early grave looking for another to add.
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  1. What Makes A Woman An Indispensable Treasure
  2. Battles Every Singles Must Fight and Win in their Relationship
  3. The Mystery of Love And Time
  4. Things love doesn't do

Focus that attention and energy on the lady God has given you for a wife. There is nothing outside. I once admired a lady from a distance for her prestigious strength of physical beauty. She was an angel until the day I heard her react foolishly to a misunderstanding. I covered my heart and gave a testimony that it didn't go beyond distant admiration. You never know who the real angel is until you polish the lady you are almost trading for nothing; that one that stood by you when you had nothing but certificates; that one that inconvenienced her comfort just to make sure that you don't die before your time; that one that saw a future in you that others were too blind to see. That one that listened to you when you had no voice. That one that endured your past because she believed in your tomorrow.
She probably couldn't speak English when you were receiving all her care but now, you've ridiculed her, you now need a classy babe. Stop all this nonsense guy! Can't you see the number of broken hearts that are credited to your account? What do you want with your life? Is King Solomon your mentor on relationship?
By way of conclusion, God gives good gifts; it is your duty to polish your spouse to your taste. Whether you use groundnut oil, it's up to you; keep her shinning, smiling and enviable-that is what matters.
© LoVe sPEcIaL...
"... Influencing relationships with creative love recipes with strong wisdom content"

Mfon Elisha's Blog 2017

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Monday, 19 June 2017

The Mystery of Love And Time

The Mystery of Love And Time
Do you think love is a feeling? 
The Mystery of Love And Time 
It is commonly said that love occurs at first sight and many people have laid much claim to this philosophy. Love that will stand the test of time must be time proven otherwise it will fickle away when it is faced with the realities of life.
Two relationships that love is mostly needed is in friendship and marriage. Good friends aren't made in a day, they're brewed with time which determines their credibility and genuineness.
Successful marriages also does not start in a day, aside many factors, time will test their love and the strength of their character.
Do you think love is a feeling? Do you think it's just an emotional excitement you have at the thought of whom you love? Feelings don't last and can never stand the test of time. You can feel good today and get moody tomorrow but a wise choice made about love which is adhered to come rain or shine is the true definition of love.
. Read more ..... Is love a multiplayer game?

                            Things love doesn't do
                       How to build a relationship without fear of unfaithfulness
One thing you should never joke with in your understanding of love is that time proves love. Yes, it does! Time proves the quality of your love and the foundation on which it is built on. If anyone comes to tell you, "I love you", just smile and consider the viability of the statement in a couple of months.
Many made the mistake of falling in love too soon without having proved the profession of love. Anyone can profess love but not everyone can remain committed to that statement several years later.
Time proves love in the face of adversity. You can easily say that you love God when your prayers are answered but when He doesn't answer your long awaited request, will you still love Him?
The same thing happens in friendship and in relationships leading to marriage. Take your time to build love rather than rush into acceptance so soon. Time is needed to know each other's likes and dislikes, strength and weakness, philosophies and belief system.
Do you know the mistakes many of you make in your relationship? You jump too quick in putting your heart into a relationship on the premise of love. You allow the likes of kissing, petting, caressing each other's sexual organs, erotic conversations, exchange of gifts, false care, attention or premarital sex to define your basis of love. These are lust and wrong basis for love!
It takes time to love. The time it would take you to fall in love with your friend or spouse is a function of their readiness to be naked and unashamed before you and the sincerity of their words.
You can talk for years and know nothing about him or her and you can effectively communicate within six months and know much. Willingness to open up between each other is a crucial factor that determines the time taken to fall in love; not the romantic display of affection, sweet talks, exchange of gifts or the joy of being in a relationship.
Do you now see that those who promote love at first sight theory are only out there to scam you and put your life in a mess?
Sex doesn't prove love, it is only a means of becoming intimate with the one you love which is only permissible in marriage. If sex equates love, prostitutes should feel loved more than anyone.
Love is a decision. Love is commitment. And it takes conviction to prove your partner worthiness to be love. All of these requires time. You don't decide to fall in love suddenly or in a day, you need time to prove it. Commitment is not verified just once, it takes time to show that your friend or spouse to be is committed to your well being, not just pretense.
Until you have understood all these mysteries about love and time, you'll abuse any love relationship you find yourself in. And just before you scream "I love you", know that time is a major essence that determines love.

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Thursday, 15 June 2017

Things Love Doesn't Do

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Things Love Doesn't Do
Photo Credit : GettyImage

Things Love Doesn't Do
It sometimes sound somehow to hear those who claim to be in love, yet they're violating what love is all about. Isn't that ignorance or foolishness? 
Love is not a feeling, I have always voiced out this in my articles. Feelings will change overtime and cannot stand the test of time. Love is a decision, it's a responsibility and it requires an unflinching commitment. If you're not ready for all of these, please don't go into a love relationship. 
More so, aside these, you need to love the right person otherwise your expression of love to the wrong person will ruin your life just as a permanent marker leaves a terrible stain on a white board. 
It is often said that when the purpose of a thing is not known, abuse is inevitable. If you don't know what love doesn't do you will do the wrong thing believing that you're in love.
First, LOVE IS NOT SELFISH. Can you read that again? Now read slowly. Anyone that wants you to please him or her always without doing anything to seek your own welfare doesn't love you.
Lust is selfish, self-centered, domineering and everything you can call it. In fact, it is self-seeking. You must obey, respect, care, please, give and do everything for it without reciprocating. If he wants you to please him always without doing same for you and you're ready to loose your life to please him, my dear, you're in lust. And the end product of lust is destruction!
When Jesus told His disciples to follow Him, do you think He was lording over His divinity over them? No! He went to the extent of washing their feet. He performed miracles for them. He gave them power. They were following Him like jobless men but He made fishers of men out of them. 
If he or she is telling you to do this or that for him or her, ask yourself a sincere question, "What has he or she done for me to better my life"?
Next is that love doesn't celebrate INIQUITY. You might not be familiar with that term but let me help you. Iniquity is a deviation from what is right. It is a form of wickedness and injustice done to a person. 
The definition of what is right is not in your philosophy or psychology text book, it is the book of law (Bible). Great thinkers can tell you what they know about love but they never can practice love the way it ought to be practiced. 
God has everything you need to know about love and it was well written in His instruction manual. But if you're to lazy to find what love is, you'll be vulnerable to the evils people do for lust.
Love is not blind. It is not wicked. It costs a thing. Love is not sex. The expression of love is not with kissing, petting, caressing each other's sexual organs, erotic conversations and the likes. Those expressions are for the married. It is not right for singles to indulge in such act. 
When you do any of these, you have violated the divine order and whoever breaks the edge, the serpent shall bite. Is that man or lady luring you to do what's not divinely right or encouraging you to do what is wrong? Love doesn't rejoice in iniquity. 
LOVE DOESN'T FAIL. As long as you do what you're supposed to do, love never fails. Love endures forever! King Solomon in his wit wrote that many waters cannot quench love but lust die immediately it has fulfill its desire. 
Ladies, when you give some men what they want, which is majorly sex, you'll begin to notice difference in their character. He might have been calling you three times in a day but after getting what he wants, he'll completely ignore you like a prison warder does to a prisoner. 
So my candid advice to you is this, if you want a love that doesn't fail, don't induce it; let it come naturally. Don't force it, let it come softly; don't destroy your life to prove it, let time prove it.
Finally, LOVE IS NOT PROUD. How do I even start? It is not love when he tells you he's doing you a favor by marrying you or becoming engaged to you. It is not love when she tells you you're not in her league. Love is not proud, but humble and accommodating. 
Love is humble enough to submit to her head and a loving man doesn't lord his authority over his neck. 
If the love you're experiencing in that relationship is selfish, tolerates iniquity, no longer exist, and it's proud; then your relationship is not a loving one but a lustful one. Or rather, you're in love with the wrong person. 
© Oluwamayowa Adeniyi

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Friday, 9 June 2017

Is Love a multiplayer game ?

Most people see love as a game that can be played by multiplayers, but love isn't a game to be played.
You can't love two at a time, you either love one and lust over they other or you love none.
For me, love is like a silver spoon, you'll always see yourself upside down they more you look.
Friends, learn to love one at a time. Love is not a game, love is a feeling that is inalienable.
Love comes naturally to us, it's not created like a game.


1) Because they've been dumped:

Just because you've been dumped doesn't make love a game you should play and get bored of. Love is more than that. 
Most times we get dumped because we fail to Learn how to build a relationship without fear of unfaithfulness

2) Because they've not encountered love:

In rare cases, people need to encounter love before the fall in love. It's funny how people play with the word "I Love You" because they haven't encountered love.
Love is a feeling, and in rare cases a "Spirit".

3) Because they've not met the right partner:

Most people go into a relationship forcefully, because their friends are doing it, because they want to know how love feels like and not because they are ready for it.
Learn to wait for your time, love would come at the right time.
Live life well, enjoy it to the fullest and true love would come in due time.

© Mfon Elisha's Blog 2017

Thank you for reading.
Do you have and contributions to make?
If yes, comment your contributions and I will reply as soon as possible.

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Thursday, 1 June 2017

The crazy thing about falling in love

This evening a thought came to me ,
It pointed to me another flaw in the love concept of this world
Love is blind! And so ??

If love is blind,you could fall in love with anyone right?? Yes.
It means you could fall in love with your mom!
Yes with your sister( remember armmon, Davids son who fell in love with his sister tarmah)
You could fall in love with your small brother or your uncle, or your sisters husband!!
Wahala de!!
Yes isn't love blind??
It means you could fall in love with your dog! With your boss at work! Or his wife!! Remember that this love involves as the main component ; sex.

Now you've seen the craze!!
You are also seeing why this things are prevalent in the cultures where they hold this type of love ideas!!

Let me continue, you could fall in love with 2 different people at the same time! So we see a guy in love with his mom and his sisters husband!!
We see a lady in love with her sister, her friends in school, and her small dog
You could fall in love with your friends of the same gender!!
Or with your brother ( as a guy) or with your sister ( as a lady)
Do you wonder why homosexualism is the new ideal in these countries??

When love goes blind, madness becomes the new ideal !!
I could continue the possibilities.... You can help me if you don't mind

But I insist love is not blind!!
And wise people don't fall in love!!

Its time to rescue love from the hands of its kidnappers!!

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Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Poetry : My love for you

My love for you is like water which is countless.
My heart beats for you heavily and it's soundless.
The feeling of being in your arms is so precious and it's priceless.
Meeting you was fate.
Becoming your friend was a choice.
But falling in love with you was completely out of my control.
Believe me you're the one.
Whom my heart finds.
Whom my mind reminds me of.
Whom my destiny wants .
Whom I Love the most.
Let all my smiles be yours.
All your tears be mine.
Let all my joy be yours.
All your sadness be mine.
Let the whole world be yours.
But only you be mine.
When it rains you don't see the sun but it's there.
I hope we can be like that.
We don't always see each other.
But we will always be there for one another.

© Mfon Elisha's Blog 2017
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Monday, 29 May 2017

Married in school, but single at home

Thinking about this topic, I’ve been wondering who the focus of this post should be – girls or guys or both.

In almost every tertiary institution in Nigeria,you find ‘undergraduate couples’ living as husbands and wives. You find a lot of these misguided people in virtually all schools. It’s so bad that, often times,they are duly recognised and acknowledged as couples by lodge neighbours, classmates and even leaders of various students associations. Little wonder there is such an award as “The best couple of the year award” shamelessly and thoughtlessly received by students..Like I said earlier, I really don’t know the particular gender to address but let me just keep typing. The rate at which girls live with their boyfriends in their various off campus hostels is painfully alarming.
Most times, these young girls are very beautiful, with bright and promising future.They cohabit with boys who are their fellow students as roommates. The lugubrious part of it is that the silly girl would always introduce the small boy as her fiancĂ©..Our society is really sick courtesy of those that live in it. These girls collect either hostel fees or house rents from unsuspecting (and sometimes, struggling)parents and end up in the house of a boy. You struggled possibly for several years to gain admission. Then you suddenly became a prayer warrior posting and shouting ‘Amen’ at the slighted provocation. You fasted. You had one prayer point filled with promises of your loyalty and devotion to God if only He would answer your prayer. Now that He has fulfilled His part by answering and granting you admission, don’t you think He is expecting you to fulfill your own part, to keep whatever promises you made to Him??.

Many of you just got admission and once you settle down (especially from your second year), crazy thoughts will begin to creep into your minds. Yes by then, the heat of the rush would have been over; If God didn’t capture you (possibly through the various campus fellowships), boys would have caught you. In my school we even have an unrecognized, unregistered but well offered course (Moz101. moz, being the short form 4 Mozambique hall, were fresh female students ar accommodated). For d guys its a course that shouldn't be carried over.

Soon, they would persuade you to move in with them. Of course, they’d give you one thousand reasons to make you give in to their prodding..Before you agree to move in and live with a boy on campus, consider the reason why you are in school in the first place. What image would you be creating about yourself?

Can this boy marry you in case you get pregnant for him as is always the case, or will you resort to series of abortions like many other girls before you?

What advice will you give your children in future concerning this kind of things? After school, what next?

Will the relationship really lead you anywhere?.

This post is finally addressing the female folks. I didn’t plan it that way. Maybe it’s because they are the worst hit by the grave consequences of illicit sexual relationships. They are the ones that turn out to be the sore losers in the end. They call it school life but they don’t realize how idiotic they have been till it’s too late. You are not in school to get married. Part of the reasons why you are in school IS NOT to get the husband-and-wife experience, to see what it feels like for the boy to provide the money for food and for the girl to go to the market for food stuffs and cook. That’s pure misplacement of purpose!
One guy told me that he was practically learning how tobe a caring and romantic husband. Such shameless! Then you hear the girl say, “We are not doing anything, we are just roommates”. Yet she commits countless abortions before graduation..Yes, your admission has given you unlimited freedom. Yes, your parents are not there to tell you what to do or what not to do. There is even no blood relation around, so there's no fear of someone reporting you. But what about giving your womanhood respect and protecting your dignity?

What about living in such a way as to have a positive story to tell the next generation (including your children) without your conscience pricking you?

What Goes Around Will Definately Come Around....

Y not exercise a moment of thorough thinking....

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Signs indicating that your are lying to yourself about your Relationship

It’s no secret that a vast majority of us all search for love. We yearn for it. We crave it. A lot of us would give anything we have just to be able to experience real love on a daily basis. That’s why plenty of us are willing to make compromises in our lives for the sake of love. We will have to make some sacrifices in order to accommodate love in our lives. We willingly partake in the hardships because we know that love is always worth it. But what happens when the love just isn’t worth it?

There are times wherein our desperation can get the best of us. We are all so desperate to be in a loving relationship with another person, we end up lying to ourselves about the sad state of our affairs. We think that being in a crappy relationship is a lot better than being single and so we will try to conjure up the lamest excuses in the world. We must always remember that the relationship is only worth keeping if love is still a driving factor in it. A person should never have to be coerced into a relationship out of fear of being alone again. It is much better to be alone and single than to feel lonely in a bad relationship.

You don’t need a relationship in order for you to be happy. Yes, love is important. But when you are in a relationship that is bad and toxic, then that’s not real love anymore. That’s just the illusion of a romantic relationship. You have to be able to gather the strength and courage to walk away when things just aren’t working out. You can’t afford to be that person who tries to justify being in a toxic relationship. If you persist on that path, you will only end up deeply broken and traumatized. It might even end up spoiling the whole idea of love for you. 

So how do you know when you’re just lying to yourself in a relationship? It can be hard. The mind can be a tricky place to navigate. It can be confusing. Fortunately, you just have to keep your eyes peeled for a few telling signs. If you find yourself guilty with regards to the items that are listed on here, then chances are that you are lying to yourself. Open your eyes and don’t be blinded to the truth. Gather what’s left of your dignity and just call it quits. Move on to a better love; move on to a better romance, one that you don’t actually have to lie to yourself about.

1. You lose so much energy just trying to defend your partner.

You always find yourself justifying the relationship to your friends or family. You are always trying to find excuses for the bad aspects of the relationship. You are always trying to make excuses for your partner and it’s so tiring for you to keep carrying on this way. 

2. You don’t listen to the comments and opinions of others.

You have just learned to tune other people out. You have been on the receiving end of so many unsolicited warnings and relationship advice from your friends that you aren’t having it anymore. You refuse to acknowledge that anything is wrong but maybe you’re just being a little too stubborn for your own good. 

3. You are always overthinking; trying to convince yourself that you’re right.

Your mind is constantly at work. It’s restless. It just never seems to be at peace. Your relationship is always on your mind because you’re worried about it. You are always in constant arguments with your own self about what you should be doing to make things better. 

4. You are pretending to be someone you’re not comfortable with being.

You should never feel like you have to change who you are for the sake of a relationship. You should never have to pretend to be someone else to save a relationship. If there is no room for your true and genuine self in a relationship, then why are you trying to force the issue? 

5. You are way too emotional.

Emotions are tricky. They can cloud your judgment and they can impair your rational thought. They have the power to often blind you from the truth. Now in particular, you may be feeling a little afraid or uncertain about the realities of your relationship and so you just choose to turn a blind eye to them. 

6. You are always feeling stressed and anxious in the relationship.

A relationship should never serve as a trigger for your stress or anxiety. Relationships aren’t easy, of course. But they shouldn’t have to be so stressful either. If you are working way too hard to make a relationship work, then maybe it’s a relationship that is just impossible to sustain. 

7. Even you have a hard time believing yourself.

Listen to your gut. It’s trying to save you from heartache and disappointment. Stop being so stubborn. Just walk away and learn to live with that decision. 

Talk to me

Have you been lying to yourself? Express yourself in the comments below!

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Friday, 26 May 2017

How To Know And Do What Is Right In Your Relationship

The lack of knowledge has been the root cause of all relationship issues people face in life. Some people do not know what is right while some people does the right thing at the wrong time.
And let me quickly add this: doing the wrong thing at the right time, is wrong and doing the right thing at the wrong time is nothing but wrong.
Some ladies felt they know what is right, whereas it left them wounded and destroyed in life. And some guys who believe they’re smart, ended up to have endangered their life due to their gross act of stupidity.
Now, the big question is this: how do you know what is right? A thing cannot be right and it would leave you with some daring consequences after doing it.
You need to first determine the consequence of an action before you know if it’s right or wrong. And it’s only a fool that would learn from a mistake he could have avoided.
It’ll be difficult for you to know if a thing is right when you depend on your feelings or opinions. How can you know if what you desire is a need or want when you don’t have the knowledge of its effect?
For instance, what you need as singles is not sex before marriage but abstinence. Why? It will prevent you from exposing your life to terrible consequences. I know your body wants it but if you feel it’s right, you’ll end up regretting it.
There are also some people who also believe a thing is right by holding onto the belief of the society. What is right cannot be known by people who lacked the knowledge of what is right.
Imagine how demeaning and detrimental it would be when you indulge in premarital sex by using a contraceptive when the One who created sex tells you its wrong. Unfortunately, the society tells people to use condom for safe sex.
Hear this, a thing is not right when the society tells you it’s right nor because you feel it’s proper to do. The knowledge of right or wrong only comes with your understanding of what God says concerning the issue.
Whether you believe in Him or not, it doesn’t change the fact that anyone that violates His law wouldn’t go unpunished. It’ll only do your life good when you live with His principles regarding what is right or wrong.
Do you know what’s right when it comes to the expression of love?
As singles, if you feel it’s right to express love with the likes of kissing, petting, caressing and fondling of each other’s body; you’ll be exposed to the ills such activities would bring.
Love isn’t expressed with such action as singles. It’s only meant for the married. As youth, you have to flee youthful lust otherwise you’ll face its consequence (1 Cor. 6:18). It’s not right to express love through immoral acts no matter how good you prove it to be.
Do you know what’s right when it comes to the issue of sex?
It’s normal to have sexual feelings or desire to have it because you have hormones that triggers the mood in you. But what is right is not the immediate gratification of it when you’re not ready to face the outcome of it or you’ll regret ever doing it.
What is right, which you might likely not agree with me or conform to societal opinions is to learn how to contain the desire until when its appropriate to unleash it – and that’s in marriage.
Believing the likes of kissing, petting, caressing, bear hugging, masturbation, pornography, fondling each other’s body, premarital sex or erotic conversations are the best way of curbing your sexual desire is just to live in a fool’s paradise.
They’ll cause more harm than the ‘benefit’ that is derived.
Do you know what’s right for you when choosing a friend?
Many believe that friends with benefits, having boyfriends or girlfriends when immoralities are tolerated are the kinds of friends that is right for them.
A friend that’s right for you is the one that would make your life better and not worse. You need a friend that would sharpen your life – multiply you and reduce your woes.
But many are keeping friends that would subtract their life and increase their woes. Such friends are bad influence and you have to do away with them.
However, to do what is right, you must know what is right and be determined to doing it regardless of the things (feelings, peer pressure, societal traditions) that will hold you back.
If you don’t know what is right and do it, you’ll mess up your life and regret it afterwards. Know what God says relating to sex, relationship and love. He alone knows what’s right for us as humans and not your feelings or societal opinions.
Remember, it’s not right if it puts your life in a mess.
© Mayowa Adeniyi 2015
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Thursday, 25 May 2017

Am tired of the woman on the other side

Am tired!
Tired of you giving your phone to another woman to pick my calls.
I feel like am cheating on you whenever I call and she answers.
She sounds cool and welcoming.
Am getting to like her.
But at the same time she's driving me faraway from you and this is what I don't like.
Take your phone away from her.
I want to hear your voice whenever I call.
Am tired!
Tired of hearing the woman say "The MTN number you have dialed is switched off".
Do you like the writing?
 © Mfon Elisha 2017
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Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Things You Need To Know Before You Build Your Life With Him

Little would one wonder the cause when you hear some ladies lament over their encounter with men in their relationship.
“I spent my life with him only for him to leave me”. “He dumped me after I gave him my body and monies. Men are wicked!”
I often get surprised when some ladies conclude that all men are the same. Is that true?
One thing that is traceable to be the problem is because of their ignorance about this: you don’t build your life around a man you’re not sure of.
You must be sure you’re heading along the journey with the right man. And it’s not enough to say, “I feel or I think he’s the right one for me”. No, it doesn’t work that way.
Going into a lifelong relationship with a man such as marriage isn’t a function of feelings but revelation, not to be based on emotional attraction but on conviction that comes from above.
And before you build your life with him, which implies that you accept his proposal, here are some truths you have to know.
1. A good man is hard to find
Don’t believe you will have a perfect man as depicted in the movies. No, there are no perfect man since you too aren’t perfect.
‘Good’ is relative. What is good for lady A is not the same for lady B. But the bottom line is that, don’t expect one perfect man you have imagined or seen in fictional movies to appear your way.
Wake up and access reality! Man in his ability cannot know what is good for him unless he depends on the One who knows good things.
2. Dating doesn’t help
Do you think dating every Tom, Dick and Harry would make you find the right man? Never!
Dating is just a sheer waste of your life – time, resources and focus. You’ll increase your worries if dating is what you adopt in determining his suitability for your life.
It will expose you to the evils some men do or believe it’s love. And if you go from pillar to post on the premise of dating, you’ll have much to lose. Not even the so-called Christian dating as some people indoctrinate would help.
3. Discover your suitability
You can only be suitable to the right man when you know your purpose. Know yourself before you think of building your life with him.
There’s no point ‘managing’ him if he doesn’t agrees with your values or purpose in life. But the mistake lots of ladies make is that, they’re either myopic to see who they are or feel he’s the kind of man they need.
You can never be a suitable help meet if you don’t know your worth. You don’t need a man to complement you, you are to complement him.
The fact that Eve was Adam’s suitable help meet doesn’t mean Eve needed Adam so bad. Discover yourself so that God can place you in the hand of the man with whom you can be his suitable help meet.
4. Make yourself a right partner
One thing most ladies don’t know is that you can’t get Mr. Right if you’re not a Miss Right. And if maybe by chance you are fortunate to have one, you’ll mess up the marriage.
How can you be suitable for him if you don’t live by purpose when he has one coupled with the fact that you failed to work on yourself?
While waiting to be married, work on your emotional, spiritual, mental, financial and physical life.
Conserve your energies and resources to bettering your life. Don’t waste your time of singleness on ephemeral things that doesn’t last. Invest in what would improve your life and not on relationships you’re ‘sampling’.
Remember, marriage won’t make you a good wife. You’ll make yourself a wife material before marriage. Take time to build yourself so that you can trust God to do His part. And this is if you want His perfect will.
5. Be intimate with God
Being intimate with God is becoming archaic to the society we live in. Many do not see the need for God since they’re educated, exposed and experienced. “Why do I need God when He has given me a brain”, they often express.
It sounds logical but the truth is that you don’t know what is good for you in life if you don’t depend on God.
It’ll look good to you but that’s not His best. Instead of building your life with him, get intimate with God so that you can know the man you should build your life with.
Being intimate is not a function of going to church or attending weekly service, it’s a consistent and personal walk with God.
You can’t know God if you haven’t genuinely accept His gift of eternal life – salvation.
Mind you, it’s your relationship with God that would prevent you from building your life with the wrong man.

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Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Battle against premarital sex

I have seen, heard and read about trends, patterns and in the worst cases, curses that manifest in some people’s lives and family.
There are some people who are repeating the trends of their parents when it comes to the issue of sex.
Mother once had an abortion while young or had a child out of wedlock and you’ll see the same manifest in the life of her daughter.
Men too are not exempted. While he was a young man, at the prime of his youthfulness, he impregnated ladies for the fun of it and when he eventually settled down, his son took after him.
Is that a curse? In most time, no except an evil verdict or pronouncement was made in the worst case scenario. For instance, when a man refuse to claim responsibility over the woman he made pregnant and she uttered a word bitterly or in pain, he’s attracted a curse upon his life.
Ladies, I know the urge to have sex is usually high during post-puberty years up to the point of when you’re of age and you’re still single. The fire of attraction and pressure from the opposite sex can light a candle.
But before you’d subscribe to that demand, why not think twice before it becomes a norm or a repetitive pattern in your family?
If your mother never had such experience, it’ll be better for you not to start what you won’t be able to finish or would transfer to your unborn child. It’s not a curse, some call it the law of karma but there’s the law of sowing and reaping that can never be broken in life – what you sow, you reap!
And to the young men out there, I know you want to prove a point to show your friends that you’re a man or that you’re exposed and not an impotent. Think twice before you allow your erection reorder the destiny of your unborn children.
One thing about ‘like father, like son or like mother, like daughter’ syndrome is that the children are more proficient than their parents. Take a survey to find out also.
Another reason why you must shun premarital sex is that when you become a parent and you have indulged in the act, your conscience wouldn’t allow you scold any of your children that are at the verge of doing such. It’s either you skip such discussion, take it lightly or ‘forcefully’ say it while your conscience pricks you.
And in most cases, it’s very rare that a child who was born out of wedlock won’t repeat the same. It’s either the child had PRAYERFULLY dealt with the issue or God ‘allowed’ his discipline to curb such from repeating itself. Many don’t have the grace for the latter.
If you noticed it’s becoming a norm or a trend in your family, ‘Our Lord’s prayer’ wouldn’t break such circle of negative pattern except your prayerfully break it and deliver yourself neither will mere ‘discipline’ without the fear of God help you.
Shun premarital sex, it pays off in the long run because it will save you from starting a negative chapter for your life and unborn children.
Honestly, I know it’s very difficult when the hormones secretes the desire, ‘free’ invites and lots of temptation are lurking around, but come to God that can help you rather than stay in the world that wouldn’t help you.
If lots of parents who had such experiences while growing up knew God when they were young, their life would have been much better than that.
No matter how ‘good’ the society would define it or the point he or she would try to prove to you that makes it ‘right’, premarital sex is an outright evil which when you indulge in it, quitting takes the grace of God, it’ll commence an evil trend and your life would be exposed to the consequences that comes with it.
The fact that it appears that everyone is doing it doesn’t make it right and true. There are waiters who are waiting for the right time, the right environment (marriage) and the right person. Join the club! Embrace self-control and the fear of God, these would greatly help.
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Friday, 12 May 2017

Love : Dont awake love until its time

It's no doubt that it has been indisputably stated that there's time for everything under the heavens: a time to love and a time to refrain from loving. 

Love is a sleeping giant that has the capacity of pulling down every stronghold whenever it's awakened. He is so generous that he gives his all when he enters into your life. He makes the wicked to see their state of wickedness when he's expressed to them, in fact he patiently loves those who are termed unloved. 

But when you wake love at the wrong time, destruction would set it. It was highlighted three times in the Book of the Songs of Solomon never to stir up love until it's time because doing a wrong thing at the right time makes it wrong. 

Are you thinking of going into a love relationship? Don't wake up love until when:

1. You understand it

Your understanding about love isn't about what you read in Mills and Boons, what you watch in Telemundo or in soap operas. The best understanding about love can only be found in God's word because God Himself is love. 

Which kind of understanding do you hold about love? Love is not a feeling, feelings are temporal. Love is not a butterfly sensation in your life, love is a personality of God. Your understanding about love goes a long way to determine the kind of experience you'll have in your relationship. 

Love isn't displayed through kissing, kissing is an expression of love for the married. Love isn't sex, sex is solely designed for the married. If you think all these are what love is, you're practicing lust and lust when it's conceived, it brings forth sin and sin when it's finished, it leads to death (destruction). 

Use your period of being single to gather enough understanding about love. When you don't understand love, you won't be able to clearly discern when lust is expressed to you. 

2. You are not ready 

How can a girl or boy of fifteen or nineteen be ready for a love relationship when lots of things has been left undiscovered in their lives? 

It is ignorance to go into a love relationship when you don't know God's purpose for your life. It is a tragedy to enter a love relationship when you're not financially, spiritually, emotionally and mentally ready. 

It's not when you go into a relationship that you get prepared for love. You must prepare yourself before going into it just as a student prepares well before writing an exam. Most failed relationships is caused by a lack of understanding of what love is really all about. 

You can be thirty and wouldn't know what love is all about. Get knowledge and understanding so that you'd be able to manifest wisdom in your relationship life. 

3. You don't know the right person

What a futile investment is it to awake love when you don't know who's the right person to express it to! Expressing love to the wrong person will make you experience hell in life. 

You need to prayerfully discover the right person before you open up your heart to love otherwise you'll suffer many heart break in the hands of the wrong people. 

It takes the right person and at the right time to understand the depth of warmth, oneness, peace and happiness that is associated with love. I can't quantify what it is to be in love with the right right person and it's mutually expressed. No wonder the love between David and Jonathan was greater than the love that existed between a man and a woman. 

My dear, take time your time to prepare for love before you stir it up. If love can make God to give His only begotten son and that same love made Jesus to lay up His life on the Cross; find the right person at the right time and under the right environment (marriage) to express love. 

Awaking love at the wrong time will expose you to heart break, premarital sex, abortion, unprepared motherhood, sexual immoralities and the likes. There's time to build and plan your life before you discover love. When you express love to the wrong person, you'll suffer terrible issues, when you lack the understanding of love, you'll mess up your love life and when you expose yourself to love at the wrong time, you'll face the consequence that comes with it. 
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